At first we wanted to be an advertising agency, but over the time we realized that we could be something bigger and better: A LABORATORY OF EXPERIENCES, where we think, create and execute solutions for each one of our clients in an impeccable way; we bring solutions with a unique value to your brand and your business model. A good experience, is a great solution.




We offer organizations a wide range of possibilities to promote their services through Virtual Fairs, implementing low-cost and high-impact strategies that allow unlimited reach and project them with an innovative sense.


A solution that revolutionizes the way of presenting launches, shows, openings, meetings or conferences backed by holographic technology, which will allow attendees to experience an unparalleled telepresence experience.


We have a portfolio of virtual experiences where we develop Virtual Fairs, Holographic Conferencing, Virtual Conventions and Streaming, an online modality where regardless of the place, the day of the event or the time, we connect you and your guests to enjoy for the first time an experience at the cutting edge of technology. At Top Brand we assure the attendance of your guests by obtaining measurements, generating interaction in real time, reducing costs, locations and long trips.



Top Brand breaks borders to unite your guests for the first time in a disruptive concept through virtual reality in all kinds of events and formats. Live launches and meetings to explore, play, learn and share online.


Top Brand in its years of experience conducting events has created added value to their clients with the production and transmission of live events, implementing streaming with the correct operation and the latest technology equipment.


Launch Aura By Swarovski in South America

A brand recognized worldwide for the luxury, purity and transparency of its jewerly, finds their first fragance called “Aura”. Top Brand, enhancing the crystals and polish that represent the essence of the perfume, developed an event focused on the detail that transported all the guests to an atmosphere of light and luxury


Since 1988 the iconic venezuelan fashion designer has created the most durable fragances that will continue to represent the personalities of men and women in the world. On this occasion she decides to highlight the elegance and style of CH, with the perfume Carolina Herrera Sublime. Top Brand, in an event with all the style of the fragrance, represented its femininity, achieving a luxury release.


At Top Brand we know that taking care of all the details is fundamental for the image of each of our clients; that’s why we develop events with purpose, that give the assistants stories to tell. Planning, thinking and executing are the 3 pillars that make up each of our experiences during the development of every event. We have learned that a brand not only offers a good or a service, it also offers a human capital that must be taken care of. That is why in our events we gave the same importance to the launch of a new product as well as a new year’s eve party which recognizes the work and effort of all the company’s employees. EACH AND EVERY SINGLE EVENT HAS A STORY TO TELL.


The italian luxury brand of accesories, jewelry, watches and fragrances Bvlgari, brings to Colombia with La Riviera its creation: Omnia Indian Garnet, a fragrance called “a jewelery perfume” that invites women to enter an olfactory journey to the spirit of the eternal spell of India and to exalt the womanhood of women. Top Brand, through visual and sensory experiences developed an impeccable launch event that also generated Free Press.

Sinergia Convention

Hard Rock Sales Convention

Pepsico Happy New Year Party

Launch Her Golden Secret by Antonio Banderas

For the first time the actor, singer, producer, film director and Spanish businessman Antonio Banderas arrives in Colombia. Top Brand, in an event with personalities of the Colombian entertainment and the most important media in the country developed the launch of the new fragrance "Her Golden Secret" by Antonio Banderas, along with the image and creative mind of a special perfume for captivating women and elegant.

Pfizer Oncology

Top 10 P&M 2016

Tous Fragrances

Launch Versace Eros

Summer customer appreciation dinner

Aura Loewe

Yellow Diamond By Versace

Colombian Coffee Growers Federation

More than 16,000 national and foreign visitors, as well as more than 100 exhibitors could meet at the Colombian Coffees Expo 2017 with an experience that allowed them to know the past, the present and the future of coffee growers. Top Brand under the concept "Living Coffee, Sowing Future" executed a modern and attractive stand with 7 stations that made known each of the areas that make up the Colombian Cofee Growers Federation, who work for the coffee growers.

Dunhill ICON

The house of perfumes of high fashion Dunhill launches the creation ICON, the new fragrance of Carlos Benaim, which has been one of the most successful perfumes in history. Top Brand, in an event with all the elegance that reflects the brand, managed to recreate the stories behind this creation at the British Embassy in Bogota, the ideal setting for an event of that level.

Bodytech Half Marathon

The Bogota Half Marathon was lived with a transforming energy that infected more tan forty thousand people throughout the capital. Top Brand, was in charge of the event that filled with joy and good vibes to sports enthusiasts and fans to live life to the fullest.

Davivienda Executive Convention

Annually Davivienda reunites their 500 directors and vice presidents to address the commercial demands for the year. Top Brand, with an excellent execution created leisure moments with awards and a great celebration around a creative and innovated concept.



Nowadays, consumers have evolved and every day they are expecting to be surprised in a different and disruptive way by the brands they use and love, and that we work for. At Top Brand we not only understand this, we also provide thought experiences for the consumers which are designed specifically for each channel: Trade, Shopper, POS (Point of Sale), OOH (Out of Home) or any other means by which we impact the target in a different way that will always communicate the spirit of the brands. We design measurable and reliable experiences that allow us to evaluate the effectiveness and to have the oportunity to react in order to achieve the proposed results.


Introducing the blue and silver limited edition bottles of the world’s most recognized vodka brand, Absolut releases “Absolut Electrik”. Top Brand, with the energy that turns any night in an electric moment, developed an event that filled the night with lights and with great creativity.


The leading satellite television service company, launches its communication campaign intended to all their target who breathe, perspire, feel and live for sports. Top Brand, with an event focused on the concept of Team Directv, developed moments of leisure with important colombian sports figures such as: Mariana Pajon, Caterine Ibargüen, Esteban Chaves, etc.

Afrisal Activation

“Afrisal” was the product that the pharmaceutical company Bayer launched to bring the best of the sea for nose care. Top Brand communicated the benefits and different uses of the two pruduct lines in a disruptive way, bringing positive results in the national sales.

Breitling Launch

The most important swiss watch brand in the world comes to Colombia to make all the pilots and travel lovers to fall in love with the elegant designs that reaffirm the DNA of this brand. Top Brand imported a Breitling Jet to make the launch of the brand by 360-degree cycloramic proyection, which show the plane in its full splendor. Also, for the very first time the Commercial Center Andino had in its entrance a real-life jet.



Winning Route BIOMAX

With a stand specially designed to receive VIP guests from Colfecar - Cartagena, the Biomax oil company managed to attract more than 1000 people to the Biomax Winning Route. Top Brand, with an impeccable execution and an attractive concept that the guests of our client will enjoy the live narration of Mario Sábato of the ESPN channel with the participation of Sergio Luis Henao of the Sky team.

BTL Guerrilla by Top Brand

CH Tree

Continental Stand

Venetian Mapping Convention

Duracell Star Wars

Elle L'aime

Special Delivery by Jaguar

Taking the personalized deliveries of Jaguar cars to another level, Special Delivery arrives. An idea with the Top Brand Seal that managed to surprise the company's customers and make them even more loyal with what Jaguar and Land Rover represents, an elegant, luxurious brand, but, above all, close and precise with their customers.

Land Rover Special Delivery


Happiness by Tous

The launch of the TOUS campaign worldwide was lived by an experience of flavors and colors of happiness that managed to increase sales in our country. Top Brand developed a Premium event with the details that gave life to the new Happiness by Tous collection.

Scandalicious by Jean Paul Gaultier

The perfume brand of French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier launches to the market his new fragrance, Scandal that invites to brazenness and provocation. Top Brand in a guerrilla activation attracted the attention of the target audience and achievement increase sales, using a staging of mens dancing in high heels to the rhythm of Fergie and Britney Spears. The staging fulfilled the main objective, generating a scandal that attracted customers.


Top 10 P&M

Hack The Future by Facebook

The brand that knows every human being in the world, who knows what he likes, what he loves and even what angers him, decides to hack the future and invite the CEOs of the most important companies in the country to take part of the movement that will allow them to know the likes and hatreds of the future of their clients. Top Brand with an impeccable execution, developed an event that transported guests and celebrities invited to the world of the future, taking them through an art gallery that took the step to learn about the Hack The Future program.


The digital platforms are no longer just a tool, now they are an ecosystem which could be the main marketing axis, or they also could be the perfect complement to any action for the brands. At Top Brand we manage to find digital opportunities in order to bring an strategic within each campaign. That is how we enhance the results, increase the reach and generate interaction and engagement between the user and the product.


The tires giant for 4x4 truck arrives in Colombia on its 100th birthday. Top Brand, using three digital channels to communicate that Colombia is the land for General Tire, designed a digital strategy under the hashtag #Aventurerospor100pre, which allowed to publicize the brand and increase the fans of the GT community.

Desayuno DirecTV

Absolut Mix



We have an updated database of celebrities whose image we use as a function of the brand, which allows us to achieve a better positioning for it.


Evoking the feminine desire, the renowned french perfume brand holds a press conference on the launch of its new fragance L’Extase. Top Brand, perpetuating the delicacy, mystery and pleasure; developed an specific plan to act directly on the opinion leaders who allowed to generate a great visibility of the event.

Land Rover Discovery Launch

The new Land Rover Discovery 2017 arrives in Colombia, without a doubt a reference of the SUV, personalized and with a more radical country touch. Top Brand, under the concept of "Discover an Indomitable Planet", was able to develop an experience for attendees, which also attracted media, and in turn generated an increase in sales.

La Prairie

Vanitas by Versace






In Top Brand we have front line contacts with the most important media centers in the country. Besides, we develop communication and brand visibility plans with tools such as billboards, advertisements and everything related to the ATL marketing technique.

Continental Tire

Uno Lubricantes








Thank you for your interest in Top Brand.

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